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illustration -+- no title -+- frecial / Stewart Laufer -+- 2004 -+- art -+- clinyc

rock and pop

Punky Morgan by Tramponaline and Bandamous

product type: track
work type: song
recording type: studio

composed 2009
published 2014-06-23

duration: 03:59

studio: communycate
publisher: Mechanyc, Manyc Records

ISRC: QM-YSB-13-00208
GTIN: 00852978004074
Punky Morgan
catalog number: 10-00208-000263
2.0 credits
Punky Morgan
catalog number: 10-00208-000263
2.0 credits
Punky Morgan
catalog number: 10-00209-000264
1.5 credits
This work is licensed under the terms of the NYCNAK license.

Music by Tramponaline and Bandamous.
Song by Tramponaline and Stewart Laufer.
Lyrics by Chanez Baali and Philip M Shearer.

Chanez Baali: voice
Jessica Shearer: keyboards
Miguel Patriota: guitar electric
Rob Paterson: horns, guitar electric
Sarah Poyet: guitar acoustic
Olivier Lauzon: bass
Jonathan McIntosh: bass
Oliver Shearer: percussion
Philip M Shearer: drums
Stewart Laufer: drums

Arrangement by Tramponaline.
Handclaps by Bandamous.

Additional vocals arrangement and performance by Summer Malice (Manyc Records).
Summer Malice is Gabrielle Archer, Chanez Baali, Katharine Chaffee, Jessica Shearer.
Rob Paterson (horns, guitar electric) appears courtesy of Multiple Mono.

Produced by Philip M Shearer and Rob Paterson.
Recorded by Philip M Shearer and Rob Paterson at communycate.
Mastered by Philip M Shearer at communycate.

Artwork by Stewart Laufer.
Art direction by clinyc and the musicians.